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"Stand Back, From the Yellow and Black"

Join Us in Keeping Our Children Safe! Obey the School Bus Stop Arm Law!!!!

Teach your children to look both ways before crossing the highway. Yes, especially at their school bus stop. Unfortunately, motorist don't always stop for the big yellow bus with flashing red lights. Did you know North Carolina buses have an eight light warning system. First, a bus driver will activate the four amber warning lights to caution a motorist, the bus is preparing to make a stop. Next, once the bus has come to a complete stop, the four red lights are activiated when the door is opened. At this time you should also be at a complete stop. In a child's eyes, they trust you to stop. Besides, a red stop sign is the universal language to stop, even a child knows this. Though this is true, we need to teach our children how to cross the road. Teach them no matter what, look out for themselves. "LOOK BOTH WAYS".

Transporting Our Most Precious Cargo!  

Keeping children safe is the first, middle, and last priority of school transportation. When parents put their children on the bus, they’re trusting that their children will return to them safe and sound. Every school day, the school bus repays that trust over and over again. Simply put, the school bus is the safest way to get to school.

The federal government has even compiled statistics supporting school buses as the safest transportation option. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, students are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus than in a car.

Like many parents, the American School Bus Council knows the school day begins and ends when children get on and off the school bus. It is clear that learning does not stop until students say goodbye to their bus driver. Once children board the bus, they are more likely to get to class than walking to school, taking public transportation, or driving themselves. Taking the bus decreases truancy, and consequently, increases the likelihood of children doing well in school.


Duties & Responsibilities of School Bus Passengers 


The school principal shall make certain that all passengers assigned to a school bus are 
informed and cautioned through class instruction, supervision and otherwise, of the 
responsibility of the individual passenger for conduct and safety. The principal should 
also acquaint the parents/guardians of each passenger with the responsibilities expected 
of them and their child. Each bus passenger shall cooperate willingly with any school 
official, bus driver, and bus monitor. 

Conduct and Safety Rules for School Bus Passengers 

1Behavior and Safety at the Bus Stop – The behavior and the safety of the 
passenger is the responsibility of the parent/guardian until the student boards the 
bus and after the student exits the bus at his or her scheduled bus stop. (Safety 
concerns should be reported to the school principal or appropriate law 
enforcement agency.

2Safe Route to Bus Stop – In walking to a bus stop parents and passengers should 
decide the safest route. If no sidewalk, passengers should walk to the left of the 
street or highway on the road shoulder facing traffic.

3Being on Time – Passengers must be on time and at the bus stop. The driver has a 
schedule to follow and cannot wait on tardy passengers. The driver is not 
obligated to blow the horn or wait for passengers not in sight.

4At the Bus Stop – A passenger must stay 10 feet off the street or roadway. A child 
should never approach a school bus until the bus is completely stopped, all red 
lights are flashing, the stop sign out, the walk arm extended and the driver has 
motioned it is safe. Then the passenger must check to make sure all vehicles are 

5Entering the Bus – While boarding the bus the passenger should use the handrail 
and watch his/her step.

6. Taking a Seat – When a passenger enters the school bus he/she should take their 
assigned seat immediately and remain seated. Absolutely no moving around on 
the bus while the bus is in motion.

7Opening Windows – A passenger must ask permission if the window needs to be 
opened. A passenger must never hang any part of his/her body out of the school 
bus window.

8Throwing Objects, Shouting – Objects should never be thrown about in the bus or 
out the windows. A passenger should not shout and wave to pedestrians or 
occupants of other vehicles from the bus windows. Passengers should talk quietly.

9Eating – A passenger should never eat or drink on the bus.

10Keeping the Aisle Clear – Personal belongings should be kept on the lap or under 
the seat. Arms and legs must be kept out of the aisle.

11Bullying – Passengers should never harass or abuse the driver or another 
passenger verbally or physically. This is a serious offense and will not be 
tolerated. Failure to comply may result in loss of bus privileges.

12. Indecent Language, Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol, and Gang Activity will not be tolerated.

"Safest Transportation To and From School"

Riding the yellow bus is the safest mode of transportation to and from school. Not only is it safe; it is a huge savings for parents who choose the bus ride for their children. Using the American School Bus Council fuel calculator Bladen County's total community savings in fuel cost per year by students riding school buses is $697,842 dollars.  We are here for you, we want to serve each child in Bladen County with the safest and most efficient transportation possible. Apply today! We look forward to hearing from you. 

 Your Choice...their ride...Choose the School Bus

The following information is a public awareness campaign sponsored by the American School Bus Council and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. The fact sheets highlight the benefits of school bus transportation. The following facts give you insight into why you should choose the school bus ride for your child.  Here are the hard cold facts that will help you explain why your child should ride the bus. 



Our Bus Drivers


School bus drivers are our unsung heroes. We strongly believe in order to be most effective an integral working relationship among all employees is necessary to accomplish the goals set before us. Bladen County provides its citizens with certified well-trained caring individuals to transport their most precious cargo.




There are heroes in our land today that never receive any recognition.

 Some of these are a child's first acquaintance with education.

 Now a teacher might be the first one who comes to our mind.

 But I speak of the bus driver for which the kids wait in line.

 For a moment, put yourself in the bus driver's shoes,

 And I'm sure you will find that it's a job you might not want to choose.

Just think what it would be like to baby sit for sixty kids or better,

And remember you must chauffeur this bus load of kids regardless of the weather.

 I must admit, to be in front of a classroom with 20-30 kids wouldn't be a picnic,

 But to drive 60 kids over icy roads would set my nerves on edge and make my stomach sick.

A school bus driver is like a postman and must go regardless

 of rain, snow, gloom and darkest of night.

 But no postman ever had to have 60 kids, clean up their mess, or break up a fight.

 A child can have a bad day at school without any warning,

 But can be forgotten when a bus driver says,

 "Have a good evening, I'll see you in the morning"

 Ask any student, what heroes of theirs never received any fame,

 And I'll bet a bus driver will be among those that they name.

 This poem was written by David Arnold, a custodian in Brownsville, Illinois

  Preparing your Children for a Safe Bus Ride

Teaching your children these few simple school bus safety rules will help them to understand the importance of good behavior on and around the school bus.

"School Bus Safety Rules"

#1Safety Rule: Always Stay Where the Driver Can See You!

Remember the Danger Zone Areas, (10' in the Front, in the Rear, & the Passenger Side outside of the bus.

       Be On Time (5 minutes early)

       Walk to the Bus, Do Not Run

      Stand Back From the Roadway

       Stop, Look & Listen Before Crossing the Road

       Stay In Your Seat

       Speak Quietly

      Always Obey the Driver

       Respect Other Students

       No Food or Drinks

         Use the Handrail to Exit

       Do Not Push or Shove

      Stay Within the Drivers View

      Always Cross 10 Feet In Front of the Bus

Please refer to the code of conduct booklets provided by Bladen County Schools for more details regarding the school bus passenger.


 Your Children Are Our "Business"

" A Day in Education, Begins and Ends with Transportation"




Transportation Mission Statement

Bladen County Schools Transportation Department is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for the boys and girls in Bladen County. We are also dedicated to providing professional support services to our students, parents, schools, central office staff, and to our community. Transportation services play a vital role in the education of our children. We believe in order to educate children we must first get them to school. It is the responsibility of the Bladen County Schools transportation staff to provide efficient and above all safe transportation for all Bladen County students.